Membership Benefits

The Organization

The Petroleum Accountants Society of Oklahoma (PASO) is a Charter member of COPAS (Council of Petroleum Accountants Society). COPAS is known domestically and internationally for its expertise in petroleum accounting and recognized throughout the industry as the leader in its field. Up to 25 local societies of COPAS represent over 1,000 energy companies. COPAS committees establish industry standards, guidelines, and bulletins, and are forums for discussion and resolution of problems and issues. The focus of PASO is in the work of its committees.

Local committees include:

  • Audit
  • Education
  • Joint Interest
  • Midstream/Downstream
  • Revenue
  • Small Oil & Gas

Other COPAS committees include:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Refining & Marketing
  • Tax


  • Discover tax incentives your company is not taking.
  • Reduce your costs by finding easier ways to do your business.
  • Find out about Regulatory changes months/years before they occur. Provide input and have an impact on what Regulatory changes are adopted.
  • Provides opportunities for professional development for yourself or your employees through educational programs, leadership opportunities, and sharing of expert knowledge.
  • Network with industry counterparts to find out how they are addressing problems facing industry.
  • Attend meetings where discussions are held and resolution of industry problems and issues are made.
  • Earn CPE and valuable insight through educational events.